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PI Magazine interviews Don DiStefano of Madison Investigative Services

Updated: May 21

This in-depth piece explores the history, mission, and pivotal role of the Connecticut Private Investigators Association (CPIA) in the investigative industry. Learn about the resources, training, and networking opportunities they provide to private investigators across Connecticut. Don't miss this comprehensive overview that highlights the essential contributions of this key professional organization. Read the article below!

CPIA Article Don Distefano

CPIA Today

CPIA is actively recruiting new members and development of a new website is underway. Some features of the website will be a secured members-only section, automated membership registration and payment, legal and legislative updates, training opportunities,

meeting announcements and a searchable database for public use when searching for an investigator, service, or specialty.

About Don

Don DiStefano, a retired Detective Sergeant from the San Francisco Bay Area, relocated to Connecticut in 2005 to start a new chapter as the Director of Investigations with Quinnipiac University's Department of Public Safety. Since 2011, Don has been a licensed Private Investigator, bringing his extensive experience to his role as the owner of Madison Investigative Services, LLC. He is also a dedicated Team ADAM member with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. Reach out today to learn more about Don's expert investigative services at Madison Investigative Services!

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